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Hide Yo Gems!

Made with dead things from my yard.

Happy almost Autumn!


New River Mountain Pin on Etsy :)

I could sit for hours and make these ❤

Here’s my newest one, with Tiger’s Eye for Protection and Stabilization!

river-mountainI would be happy to take requests on custom orders and I have lots of stones to choose from! If you’re interested, please check out my shop The Ohm Home on Etsy. All the money earned is going towards starting my own business 🙂

Much love, as always ❤

Another Weird One for You

This started as an innocent sketch. I wish I could tell you that the plan was not actually to make a conglomerate of heads… but it was.


I also wish I could say this wasn’t the first time I’ve drawn a gaggle of bare heads, but this is not the case. Throwback to 2011 maybe?


“Don’t mind me, just taking my heads out for a little morning stroll.”

Which is a recreation of this one from 2010


If anyone has any psychological interpretations or advice, I’d be happy to have them.

Yeah… I’ll just leave this here for you.

My Happiest Essence

Just a continuation of my previous post. I really like how happy I looked three years ago. Always surrounded by friends and not as worried about being an adult.


My photography teacher was pretty bomb.IMGP2117

I do not know this girl watching me jump but her face right now is the best. It says “Art students are so effing weird…”IMGP2135 IMGP2150

You can never finishemily_expanding_frame033

if you don’t start.